Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation
Issue number 2
July - December 2015
Vol. 13. Num. 2.
Pages 95-206
Grassland degradation and restoration: a conceptual framework of stages and thresholds illustrated by southern Brazilian grasslands
Bianca O. Andrade, Christiane Koch, Ilsi I. Boldrini, Eduardo Vélez-Martin, Heinrich Hasenack, Julia-Maria Hermann, Johannes Kollmann, Valério D. Pillar, Gerhard E. Overbeck
Nat Con 2015;13:95-104
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Functional diversity: an overview of its history and applicability
Livia Maira Orlandi Laureto, Marcus Vinicius Cianciaruso, Diogo Soares Menezes Samia
Nat Con 2015;13:112-6
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Another blown in the wind: bats and the licensing of wind farms in Brazil
Rebeca Beltrão Valença, Enrico Bernard
Nat Con 2015;13:117-22
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How to avoid fish introductions in Brazil: education and information as alternatives
Valter M. Azevedo-Santos, Fernando Mayer Pelicice, Dilermando Pereira Lima-Junior, André Lincoln Barroso Magalhães, Mario Luis Orsi, Jean Ricardo Simões Vitule, Angelo Antonio Agostinho
Nat Con 2015;13:123-32
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The effects of habitat availability and quality on small mammals abundance in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest
Reginaldo Honorato, Renato Crouzeilles, Mariana S. Ferreira, Carlos E.V. Grelle
Nat Con 2015;13:133-8
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Time-lags in primate occupancy: a study case using dynamic models
Lilian Patricia Sales, Matthew Warrington Hayward, Ludimilla Zambaldi, Marcelo Passamani, Fabiano Rodrigues de Melo, Rafael Loyola
Nat Con 2015;13:139-44
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Supporting underrepresented forests in Mesoamerica
Fábio Suzart de Albuquerque, Blas Benito, Paul Beier, Maria José Assunção-Albuquerque, Luis Cayuela
Nat Con 2015;13:152-8
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Assessing the importance of riparian zones conservation for leaf decomposition in streams
Cinthia G. Casotti, Walace P. Kiffer, Larissa C. Costa, Juliana V. Rangel, Lorena C. Casagrande, Marcelo S. Moretti
Nat Con 2015;13:178-82
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Illegal hunting and fishing in Brazil: a study based on data provided by environmental military police
Aline Torres de Azevedo Chagas, Maisa Aparecida da Costa, Ana Paula Vimieiro Martins, Leonardo Cardoso Resende, Evanguedes Kalapothakis
Nat Con 2015;13:183-9
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Policy reversals do not bode well for conservation in Brazilian Amazonia
João Vitor Campos-Silva, Sinomar Ferreira da Fonseca Junior, Carlos Augusto da Silva Peres
Nat Con 2015;13:193-5
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Dams, politics and drought threat: the march of folly in Brazilian freshwaters ecosystems
Dilermando Pereira Lima Junior, André Lincoln Barroso Magalhães, Jean Ricardo Simões Vitule
Nat Con 2015;13:196-8
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Pulling the plug: strategies to preclude expansion of dams in Brazilian rivers with high-priority for conservation
Igor de Paiva Affonso, Robertson Fonseca Azevedo, Natália Lacerda Carneiro dos Santos, Rosa Maria Dias, Angelo Antonio Agostinho, Luiz Carlos Gomes
Nat Con 2015;13:199-203
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