Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation
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April - June 2017
Vol. 15. Num. 2.
Pages 65-140

Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation (PECON) is a scientific journal devoted to improving theoretical and conceptual aspects of conservation science. It has the main purpose of communicating new research and advances to different actors of society, including researchers, conservationists, practitioners, and policymakers. Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation publishes original papers on biodiversity conservation and restoration, on the main drivers affecting native ecosystems, and on nature’s benefits to people and human wellbeing. This scope includes studies on biodiversity patterns, the effects of habitat loss, fragmentation, biological invasion and climate change on biodiversity, conservation genetics, spatial conservation planning, ecosystem management, ecosystem services, sustainability and resilience of socio-ecological systems, conservation policy, among others.

Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation is the official scientific journal of the Brazilian Association for Ecological Science and Conservation. It is an open access journal, supported by the Boticário Group Foundation for Nature Protection, and thus without any charge for authors. Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation was previously published, between 2003 and 2016, as 'Natureza & Conservação'.

Indexing: Scopus and Web of Science.
ISSN 2530-0644

Essays and Perspectives
Perspectives for environmental conservation and ecosystem services on coupled rural–urban systems
Ramon Felipe Bicudo da Silva, Marjorie Delgado Alves Rodrigues, Simone Aparecida Vieira, Mateus Batistella, Juliana Farinaci
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.2017;15:74-81
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Introducing digital cameras to monitor plant phenology in the tropics: applications for conservation
Bruna Alberton, Ricardo da S. Torres, Leonardo F. Cancian, Bruno D. Borges, Jurandy Almeida, Greice C. Mariano, Jefersson dos Santos, Leonor Patricia Cerdeira Morellato
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.2017;15:82-90
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Where to release birds seized from illegal traffic? The value of vocal analyses and ecological niche modeling
Ludmila Macedo Magroski, Andressa do Nascimento Pessoa, Wilmara Guedes de Lucena, Alan Loures-Ribeiro, Carlos Barros de Araújo
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.2017;15:91-101
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Influence of soil granulometry on average body size in soil ant assemblages: implications for bioindication
Cinthia Borges da Costa-Milanez, Jonathan D. Majer, Paulo de Tarso Amorim Castro, Sérvio Pontes Ribeiro
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.2017;15:102-8
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Research Letters
Bird-grassland associations in protected and non-protected areas in southern Brazil
Lucilene Inês Jacoboski, Raquel Klein Paulsen, Sandra Maria Hartz
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.2017;15:109-14
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The end of the line? Rapid depletion of a large-sized grouper through spearfishing in a subtropical marginal reef
Vinicius J. Giglio, Mariana G. Bender, Cleverson Zapelini, Carlos E.L. Ferreira
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.2017;15:115-8
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Mapping opportunities for environmental education in a defaunated landscape
Meredith Root-Bernstein, Magdalena Bennett
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.2017;15:119-23
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Can you count on counting? Retrieving reliable data from non-lethal monitoring of micro-snails
Zofia Książkiewicz-Parulska, Bartłomiej Gołdyn
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.2017;15:124-8
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Policy Forums
Gold at what cost? Another megaproject threatens biodiversity in the Amazon
Raffael M. Tófoli, Rosa M. Dias, Gustavo H. Zaia Alves, David J. Hoeinghaus, Luiz C. Gomes, Matheus T. Baumgartner, Angelo A. Agostinho
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.2017;15:129-31
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Imminent threat of the predator fish invasion Salminus brasiliensis in a Neotropical ecoregion: eco-vandalism masked as an environmental project
Vinícius Ricardo Ribeiro, Pedro Rogério Leandro da Silva, Éder André Gubiani, Larissa Faria, Vanessa Salete Daga, Jean Ricardo Simões Vitule
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.2017;15:132-5
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A systematization of information on Brazilian Federal protected areas with management actions for Animal Invasive Alien Species
Tainah Corrêa Seabra Guimarães, Isabel Belloni Schmidt
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.2017;15:136-40
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