Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation
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January - March 2018
Vol. 16. Num. 1.
Pages 1-60

Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation (PECON) is a scientific journal devoted to improving theoretical and conceptual aspects of conservation science. It has the main purpose of communicating new research and advances to different actors of society, including researchers, conservationists, practitioners, and policymakers. Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation publishes original papers on biodiversity conservation and restoration, on the main drivers affecting native ecosystems, and on nature’s benefits to people and human wellbeing. This scope includes studies on biodiversity patterns, the effects of habitat loss, fragmentation, biological invasion and climate change on biodiversity, conservation genetics, spatial conservation planning, ecosystem management, ecosystem services, sustainability and resilience of socio-ecological systems, conservation policy, among others.

Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation is the official scientific journal of the Brazilian Association for Ecological Science and Conservation. It is an open access journal, supported by the Boticário Group Foundation for Nature Protection, and thus without any charge for authors. Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation was previously published, between 2003 and 2016, as 'Natureza & Conservação'.

Indexing: Scopus and Web of Science.
ISSN 2530-0644

Special Feature - Mining and Conservation > Essays and Perspectives
Humans as niche constructors: Revisiting the concept of chronic anthropogenic disturbances in ecology
Ulysses Paulino Albuquerque, Paulo Henrique Santos Gonçalves, Washington Soares Ferreira Júnior, Leonardo Silva Chaves, Regina Célia da Silva Oliveira, Temóteo Luiz Lima da Silva, Gilney Charll dos Santos, Elcida de Lima Araújo
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.2018;16:1-11
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The benefits of evolution education for natural resources managers
Israel D. Parker, Aaron N. Facka, Therese A. Catanach, Eddie K. Lyons
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.2018;16:12-6
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> Research Letters
Protecting biodiversity in urbanizing regions: The role of urban reserves for the conservation of Brazilian Atlantic Forest birds
Thayz R. Enedino, Alan Loures-Ribeiro, Bráulio A. Santos
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.2018;16:17-23
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The South Brazilian grasslands – A South American tallgrass prairie? Parallels and implications of fire dependency
G.E. Overbeck, J.D. Scasta, F.F. Furquim, I.I. Boldrini, J.R. Weir
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.2018;16:24-30
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As far as the eye can see: Scenic view of Cerrado National Parks
Ariane de Almeida Rodrigues, Mercedes Maria da Cunha Bustamante, Edson Eyji Sano
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.2018;16:31-7
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Assessing the risk of invasion of species in the pet trade in Brazil
Clarissa Alves da Rosa, Rafael Zenni, Sílvia R. Ziller, Nelson de Almeida Curi, Marcelo Passamani
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.2018;16:38-42
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> Policy Forums
Uneven conservation efforts compromise Brazil to meet the Target 11 of Convention on Biological Diversity
André A. Pacheco, Ana Carolina O. Neves, G. Wilson Fernandes
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.2018;16:43-8
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The Native Vegetation Protection Law of Brazil and the challenge for first-order stream conservation
Ricardo H. Taniwaki, Yuri A. Forte, Gabriela O. Silva, Pedro H.S. Brancalion, Caroline V. Cogueto, Solange Filoso, Silvio F.B. Ferraz
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.2018;16:49-53
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